Happy Anniversary Thriving In Place

A little more than three years ago, a group of forward thinking Celebration residents launched a new concept for our community. This vision known as Thriving In Place opened its doors in October 2015. Through the course of three short years, our Celebration neighbors have become Thrive members and/or Thrive volunteers. [...]

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Celebration…In the Beginning!

Where was the first house in Celebration built? Where did the first residents live? What were the early days in Celebration like for the Celebration pioneers? During these last few years, the Celebration Foundation New Urbanism Committee has invited the Disney Development Company executives, architects and planners to share their experiences [...]

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One Day Only! Architect Led Tours in November

Have you ever wondered why the back of every sign in Celebration is painted green? What’s special about the air conditioning in downtown buildings? Where does the water come from that cascades along Water Street? Impress your friends and neighbors with your new knowledge when you participate in an Architect Led [...]

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Reminder to Join Us for the Remembrance Ceremony

Each year, the Celebration Foundation welcomes everyone to gather for a Remembrance Ceremony in our Memorial Garden. This is a time for us to come together as a community and remember people who we have loved and lost. The ceremony will be held on Saturday, November 17th from 11:00am - 12:00pm [...]

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Flying Fleece Dust Tickles Volunteer’s Noses

On Saturday, October 6, we enjoyed having over 50 volunteers, from all ages and all parts of Osceola County - including a Meet-up Group arranged by Steph Garber, join us for Fleece Day at our Thriving office located at 690 Celebration Avenue. On Monday, October 8, Mary Pat Rosenthal, our Thriving [...]

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Celebrating with Friends

By Jacquie Hobgood The Celebration Foundation launched its 17th annual Concert Series with a special reception at the Celebration Golf Club. The evening is always an enjoyable way to gather, recognize the generosity of our wonderful sponsors and celebrate the upcoming concert season. This year we were delighted to have Debbie Fahmie, [...]

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Lifelong Playwrights!

By Dolores Salvo You heard them first at Celebration Lifelong ... Now see them at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater! Three plays from Celebration Lifelong’s Playwriting Workshop have been selected for the Playwrights’ Roundtable Native Voices Showcase this fall at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater. Two of the plays had their first public [...]

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