See Where Celebration Lifelong Can Take You!

By Diane Finney I have been a member of Celebration Lifelong for several years now. What an amazing experience it has been! I’ve enjoyed taking art classes - drawing, watercolor, printmaking and have dabbled in a broad spectrum of classes as diverse as learning about the life of the artist Monet, [...]

See Where Celebration Lifelong Can Take You!2019-04-12T16:45:22-04:00

WINGS Celebrates Women Who Engineer Their Futures

By Eileen Crawford On Friday, April 5th, Celebration Foundation’s Women’s Initiative Nurturing Girls’ Strength (WINGS) at Celebration School K-8 celebrated the conclusion of its fifth year promoting the power of girls and women with a packed Power Breakfast, highlighting how Celebration girls and women have “engineered” their phenomenal futures. Emceed by [...]

WINGS Celebrates Women Who Engineer Their Futures2019-04-12T16:40:34-04:00

Michael McCann – “The Next Generation”

Every once in a while, you feel the essence of what it means to be a community built by Disney. Hosting Michael McCann on March 29 and 30, 2019 was one of those occasions. We celebrated 25 years since Celebration was officially incorporated on March 29, 1994 with an unveiling of [...]

Michael McCann – “The Next Generation”2019-04-15T13:12:07-04:00

A Night to be Remembered – a Journey to Old Florida

By “B.” Alksninis The Celebration Foundation was pleased to present Patrick Smith’s Florida Is a Land Remembered on March 22.  The audience was treated to an immersive experience as Rick Smith detailed his father’s literary journey.  Rick’s lecture was a multi-media event that included wonderful video interviews with his father talking [...]

A Night to be Remembered – a Journey to Old Florida2019-04-12T12:54:13-04:00

Is It a Mole or Skin Cancer?

By Advent Health Our friends at AdventHealth asked us to share some information…for your health’s sake!  If you're like the average person, chances are you have moles somewhere on your body. They're common and usually not a cause for concern," says Tace Rico, MD, dermatologist, with AdventHealth. A changing mole, however, [...]

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The Impact of Partnerships

By Rachel McIntee This year, the Celebration Marathon donated $10,000 to the Celebration Foundation’s Thriving In Place program! We are so grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to partner with this community program. Ken Zambito, The Town of Celebration Marathon & Half Marathon Race Director, stated it well, "The Town of [...]

The Impact of Partnerships2019-04-12T12:44:25-04:00


By Melanie Hummel On Friday, March 8th, a group from the Celebration Foundation had an exciting opportunity to visit Florida Polytechnic University just west of Celebration off of I-4 in Lakeland. Many people have noticed the avant-garde architecture of the school’s main academic building—designed by famed Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava— without [...]


Let’s Talk “Trash” About the Foundation

Thank you, Ken Lee and Celebration Sanitation! Ken first approached the Foundation about featuring our new logo on one of the trucks last year. We said yes…what fun! Folks have been snapping pictures and sending them to the office. They are excited to see the truck wrapped in the Celebration Foundation [...]

Let’s Talk “Trash” About the Foundation2019-04-12T12:36:26-04:00
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