Drive-by Blast-off for Teachers by Celebration Foundation

By Jim Siegel   Celebration schools may remain closed, with online distance learning still in session, but that did not deter the Celebration Foundation from honoring local teachers with a kick-off to National Teacher Appreciation Week.   The Blast-off event, as it was called, was organized by the Celebration Foundation as [...]

Drive-by Blast-off for Teachers by Celebration Foundation2020-06-12T15:41:56-04:00

What It’s Like for Celebration Lifelong Instructors

Celebration Lifelong has been a ‘go-to’ resource in Celebration for many years.  It is one of the “hidden treasures” in our community, resulting from the vision and hard work of its volunteer board, its volunteer instructors, and a community partnership between the Celebration Foundation and the Celebration Residential Owners Association (CROA). [...]

What It’s Like for Celebration Lifelong Instructors2020-06-11T12:42:36-04:00

Watercolors and Quarantine

by Traci Vinson Back in 2012, we move to Orlando to be near Disney World. Being a new empty nester and not knowing anyone, I found the Lifelong Learning classes at Celebration. I was able to experiment with all the creativity I had been wielding at my poor children for their [...]

Watercolors and Quarantine2020-06-11T12:28:18-04:00

An “Emusing” Experiment in Collage Art

by Lori Bruno It’s been nearly seven years since I first became a student of the Celebration Foundation’s Lifelong Learning program. Those seven years have been filled with the joy of learning a variety of art techniques from, and alongside, our many talented community members.  I value the friendships I’ve made [...]

An “Emusing” Experiment in Collage Art2020-06-11T12:20:41-04:00

It Is Not Too Hard and It Is Never Too Late

by Phillip Cox It is unusual for someone in their ninth decade of life to set out discovering new adventures, new careers or hobbies. It is more normal for people in my age group to sit back and enjoy other people's creative efforts.   I am not sure if I found [...]

It Is Not Too Hard and It Is Never Too Late2020-06-11T11:55:54-04:00
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