Have you heard the phrase “the third time’s a charm”?  That’s right where we are with Celebration Lifelong’s Fall 2020 Term.  With two successful sessions behind us, we are gearing up for our final ten courses. Session #3 begins on November 3rd.  We have had a great response from members this fall as we transitioned to on-line learning.  Even first-time, reluctant “Zoomers” have embraced this new technology that brings the fun of Celebration Lifelong into your home.

A great deal of preparation time and life experience is poured into each of our courses.  Let’s go behind the scenes of our November courses to highlight what makes Celebration Lifelong so special. Here are some insights from the instructors who are leading five of the courses.

Janet Belsky, teaching Relationships in the Age of Corona, states that she will share some “hot- off-the-scientific-press insights about core relationships – marriage, grandparenthood, relating to an adult child, and widowhood.”  Central to this course is her observation that, after decades of talking with undergraduates, “teaching at Celebration Lifelong is special—because now it allows me to FINALLY talk to my true fellow travelers in life.”

Tom Kennington, teaching “One Hit Wonders – Part 2”, reports that the early days of Rock ‘n’ Roll were so much fun.  For 20 years, Tom was an on-air radio personality and General Manager followed by a 16-year career with Walt Disney World as the Manager of Promotions and Film and as Television Development Director. By sharing his personal experiences in this class, he will highlight milestones that affected changes in music style. He wants students to gain a “deeper understanding of the artists who brought music to life.”

The instructor of Naked Astronomy, Robert Vogel, says that he wants his students “to know the simple joy of understanding the night sky and the grandeur of the universe beyond.”  While this does not require any fancy equipment, he does want his Celebration Lifelong students “to know not only the physics of the sky, but the history, biography, mythology, and lore that spans the entirety of the human experience.”

Jim Siegel, teaching Back to the Moon…What More Do We Have to Prove?, has been behind the scenes for over a decade at Kennedy Space Center and the adjacent Cape Canaveral Space Force Station as an accredited photographer and broadcast journalist. He says, “The return to the moon is a necessary steppingstone to human exploration and colonization of Mars, an exciting endeavor that will further benefit mankind.”

Our final insights are offered by the three instructors of Writer to Published Author. David Fernandez plans to provide inspiration to those in the class; he wants students to learn “that everyone has at least one story in them” as well as “the 5 things I wish someone would have told me before I became an author.” Barbara Kroon wants students to “identify why they want to be published; their response will help frame the approach they take to promoting their work.”  And Diane Finney, who reports that she loves storytelling, stresses that perseverance is the key; she says, “Sometimes it’s the journey that’s more enriching than the outcome.”

For more information about Celebration Lifelong and to read the full descriptions about each of these courses (and five more!), visit our website at www.CelebrationLifelong.org. Celebration Lifelong, a community partnership between the Celebration Foundation and the Celebration Residential Owners Association (CROA), also offers lectures, clubs, and great camaraderie – even virtually.