By Kathy Gordy

Indeed, it was!  On a Tuesday afternoon, Thriving members and volunteers were invited to “Zoom” or call in to enjoy several rounds of Halloween Bingo. Beth and Art Ramos, Thriving In Place volunteers, led and sponsored the activity. Instead of calling the traditional B7, I20, O66, it was a Pictionary game of Halloween images. Calling:  caldron, spider, ghost, black cat, witch, or mummy – oh, my.  The Ramos’ entertained us with Halloween related trivia, jokes, and fun facts, evoking laughter or an occasional “punny” groan. Some Thriving members and volunteers sported Halloween worthy hats and garb. The prizes! Don’t want to forget about the prizes. Two Bingo winners: Kathleen Sipio (who gifted the basket to Mary Costello) and Kathy Gordy, received beautiful fall gift baskets created and donated by Debi Jackson and Sandi Kensil. Three other Bingo winners (Annette Curti, Nancy Ku, Megan Ajello) are enjoying a delicious cookie snack pack. It felt wonderful to see, talk and be connected with friends and have a SPOOKTACULAR fun afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who made it happen, extra Halloween treats for you!!!!

  • You can’t really know the full impact of a donation or kindness.  Warms the heart and brings a smile.
  • You have touched the lives of Thriving members more than you may know – brought a smile, brightened a day, warmed a heart.