When impactful programs in our community seek resources to make incredible things happen – these organizations can apply for a Community Grant from the Celebration Foundation. In the past two years, the Celebration Foundation has distributed over $33,000 dollars to organizations in need of funding.

Do you know a Cub Scout in Pack 125 or Boy Scout in Troop 125?

Each group received a Community Grant – the Cub Scouts for a new Pine Derby Track and the Boys Scouts for 12 members to attend camp on scholarship.

Do you know a Celebration Middle School Cheerleader?

New uniforms were purchased with support from a Community Grant by the Celebration Foundation.

How about a participant in the Celebration Youth Football League?

This group received a Community Grant for helmets last season.

Are you a supporter of the Arts?

Horizon Middle School received a Community Grant from the Celebration Foundation.

Know a student at Creation Village World School?

Our Community Grant program funded a roof for the greenhouse that the students built using recycled 2-liter bottles that they collected.

Love reading?

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Osceola County received new books for the club library. And our Celebration K8 School library received funding from our Community Grant program through matching funds from YOU.

Are you a supporter of Hope Partnership?

So are we! A Community Grant was given to this charitable organization for basic supplies to the homeless.

Do you believe team activities play a part of student development?

Our Community Grant supporting Westside K8 School Cheer team for practice mats and uniforms was granted.

Attended a Celebration High School Boys Basketball game?

The team submitted a Community Grant application for uniforms and travel expenses – which was granted last year.

Know about Embrace of Celebration’s work on 192?

Our Community Grant program provided a laptop to the organization.

This is community.

The Celebration Foundation is proud to support all the above organizations through the Community Grants Program. Especially at a time when fundraising opportunities for these organizations was limited or curtailed. Each organization positively impacts our world. Our community. Our town. Our lives. Better together!

Do you know an organization that would benefit from our support? Visit our website at celebrationfoundation.org/community-grants to learn more or apply.