Thriving In Place, a community village launched in 2015, is based on three key components: volunteer-driven services, socialization opportunities, and vetted providers to help Celebration residents who are 50+, or living with a disability at any age, remain in their own homes leading independent, safe, productive, and enriched lives.

Our membership-based program creates engaging and enriching opportunities for our Thrivers. At the start of the pandemic, we recognized that we needed to meet our members where they were, so we taught them how to use Zoom and continued our programming virtually. For the past two years they have been able to participate in our events and socialize with friends and neighbors without ever needing to leave home.

And once again, we are adapting to better serve our members and are excited to bring back in-person social activities. Our Tuesday Treats and Bingo events went in-person this summer and Lunch Bunch on Fridays begins this month. If you are not a member yet, we invite you to give it a try by participating in our events like Yoga, Bingo, Trivia and much more! Other services we offer include; 10 local around town transports monthly, light handyman services and personal visits by one of our wonderful volunteers.

Want to learn more about Thriving In Place?  Becky can be reached at or call 407.572.9850.