Once again, our adventurous and fun-loving members of Thriving in Place were invited to a unique experience on Thursday, January 23, 2020 at noon in our lovely Celebration Tea Room.  It is truly a beautiful restaurant serving great food and  wonderful teas in a Victorian atmosphere.

We were seated at two adjoining tables, in a lovely private area which transports you “into the woods” with the Cheshire cat and other whimsical décor and were able to enjoy the quaint atmosphere and enjoy each other’s company while having a delicious lunch in a low-key atmosphere.  Becky and Kathleen were our leaders in planning this lovely afternoon.

Favorites in the restaurant are the the 3 tier selections, one of which is called “The Mad Hatter” special  which consists of:
• A pot of tea
• Cup of soup
• Assortment of shaved imported and domestic cheeses with fresh fruit and honey
• Four assorted tea sandwiches
• Scone and pastry with whipped butter, honey, jam
• Premium dessert

However, the menu is diversified and they offered daily house specialty soups and entrees including cottage pie, quiche, and strawberry stuffed French toast, Cuban sliders, cheeseburger wraps with a special house sauce and salmon Wellington among others.

We all agreed that this was a great excursion and look forward to future trips with our friends.  Thanks Kathleen and Becky!!