By Linda Ajello

On November 18, Thriving In Place members and volunteers gathered at the 690 building to celebrate the November birthdays. Merrill Gardens hosted the event with a gorgeous and tasty cake that was decorated with dinosaurs, a prehistoric landscape that was even complimented with frosting fossil bones. Megan Ajello had requested a cake that looked like “Land Before Time” and once again, Merrill Gardens listened and met the challenge of making Thriving In Place members feel special at the monthly Birthday Bonanza. Marge Hudec was celebrating a special birthday this month and told the attendees about her special plans with family and friends to celebrate. We sang Happy Birthday in both English and Spanish and enjoyed the delicious cake and were even treated to ice cream, too!

The best part of the Birthday Bonanza was making time to be with each other to celebrate birthdays before the busy holiday season. We thank Merrill Gardens for their generosity and for the time they have been dedicating to Thriving In Place. Don’t forget to come down to 690 next month for the Birthday Bonanza!