Celebration Lifelong, a community partnership program with the Celebration Foundation and the Celebration Residential Owners Association (CROA), offers courses, lectures, and clubs. Our community is so fortunate to have people willing to share their passions, experiences and knowledge with others. Those who have taken courses or attended lectures know how rich these experiences are. Now, it’s time to “look behind the curtain” and get a feel of what it’s like for the instructors! This article is the first of several that provides a glimpse of these volunteers.


What motivates people to be an instructor? Chief among the reasons is the joy of sharing knowledge, expertise and lifelong passions with others. Some wanted to stretch their mental capacities, while others just wanted to see if they could do it, and some retired teachers reported missing the classroom. The specialness of Celebration is highlighted by Tim Johnson’s comment, “My motivation for being an instructor was to ‘give back’ to my town, which feels like family.”  Stephanie Bertha’s reported, “When you move to Celebration, you see a different life here, a better life. You see a community, and I wanted to be a part of what makes Celebration great.”

And why do some instructors teach multiple courses? Barbara Ludemann says, “…because attendees gave encouraging feedback,” and Audrey Byllott says, “the ‘students’ seem to enjoy my classes and encourage me to do more. And I love to doing the research, especially if it requires an on-site visit to a winter home or museum!” Tom Williams and Iris Palma report they like to “diversify the content to give the members more options and keep them engaged.” Meryl Rachlin says, “It has become a wonderful thing for me as I continue to teach mediums I am only just learning myself; I have learned basket making, needle felting, wet felting, quilling, cartooning and silk dying…in order to teach.”


What a joy, what a gift, and what an opportunity to have a community that shares these varied areas of expertise. In future editions of the Celebration News, read what surprised instructors with delivering a course, as well as what they learned about themselves. Celebration Lifelong is always looking for good instructors for courses and lectures. Residents are encouraged to submit an application to teach – and to encourage neighbors and friends to do the same! Applications are due May 15 – visit https://celebrationfoundation.org/ for an application and to learn more about Celebration Lifelong.