Best Friday Fun!  Thriving members gathered for Friday lunch sponsored by Springhills Home Care Services.  It was a lively group with some snowbirds returning.  Surprise guests, Mary Pat Rosenthal and Jim Bates-Withers attended.


Tis the Season – For an Increase in Fraud”; Carmelia Stewart shared tips for protecting ourselves from fraud scams during the holiday season and all year long.   “A prize was award to the first person that raised their hand and could answer the quiz question.  Barely three words were uttered – “how much does” and Kathy Gordy raised her hand.  Several others followed by raising their hands – laughter broke out.  Kathy shouted 25% followed by an accurate account of the question “fraud activity increase during the holidays” – just like Carnac the Magnificent without the mayonnaise jar.


Next up was a good natured, competitive round of Gingerbread Nutcracker decorating.  Time was limited, talent levels varied – some ate the Nutcracker stands rather than attaching them (very tasty indeed.)   Each kit included four nutcrackers and a square piece of gingerbread marked to make four triangle stands.  Someone, who will go unnamed, chose to decorate the square as a drum – great imagination, vision and artistic design – but not a winner.  The Thriving volunteers inspected the carefully decorated gingerbread nutcrackers and narrowed the field to the top three finalists.  The members viewed and carefully assessed each masterpiece.  From the sound of applause – Susie Peck won the grand prize, a Gingerbread House Kit.  In the giving spirit of the season, Susie gifted the kit to our beloved Chair Yoga instructor to build with her grandchild.  Sweet indeed.