By Floyd McCollum

The Celebration Foundation Concert Series hosted an album release party for Celebration-based band CEONEO on April 27th at Heritage Hall. Residents and friends from 2 to 92 years-young gathered to listen and dance to songs from the band’s fourth album, “Sound of Fun,” which has been in production for the past two years.

Drummer and Celebration resident, Floyd McCollum, explained, “It can take a long time to make an album. You have to write the songs, arrange them, record the instruments and vocals, and then mix and finalize everything. So, after all that hard work, it was great to be able to let family, friends, and fans hear the results.”

CEONEO was founded in 2008 in Denmark by Danish-American Celebration resident, Alan Binau, and focuses mainly on rock and folk music. The band received airplay with hit songs on the European charts and toured extensively in Europe. The bandmates also had the opportunity to record their second album at Abbey Road Studios in London, where the Beatles recorded most of their songs.

Alan Binau noted, “After moving to the U.S., we released two more albums, and went on an East Coast tour in 2017. So, for a guy born in little Denmark far away, it’s been a dream come true. But most importantly, we have had the opportunity to work together in our own community with a bunch of Celebration-based musicians on the album—artists like trumpet player Tom Atkinson, percussionist Tom Lloyd, and singer Laurel Hatfield. For the past 17 years, the Celebration Foundation Concert Series has been a perfect place for people to meet, connect, and share their passion for music.”

Now that their latest album is released, CEONEO is preparing for a two-week tour of Denmark, playing for Alan’s home audience.

Floyd McCollum added, “It’s not all bands that get a chance to tour in Europe, and actually, for some of the band members, this will be their first time traveling outside of the U.S. We are very grateful that our community is so supportive of the arts—especially of live, original music performances like those presented by the Celebration Foundation Concert Series.”

If you are looking for more live music in our community, there are many exciting concerts already planned for the 2019-20 Concert Series. This season will highlight the early years of jazz and swing music with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and Jeff Rupert’s Jazz Professors performing the works of Duke Ellington, and in addition, a concert by Michael Andrew’s Atomic Big Band.

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