Watercolors and Quarantine

by Traci Vinson Back in 2012, we move to Orlando to be near Disney World. Being a new empty nester and not knowing anyone, I found the Lifelong Learning classes at Celebration. I was able to experiment with all the creativity I had been wielding at my poor children for their [...]

Watercolors and Quarantine2020-06-11T12:28:18-04:00

An “Emusing” Experiment in Collage Art

by Lori Bruno It’s been nearly seven years since I first became a student of the Celebration Foundation’s Lifelong Learning program. Those seven years have been filled with the joy of learning a variety of art techniques from, and alongside, our many talented community members.  I value the friendships I’ve made [...]

An “Emusing” Experiment in Collage Art2020-06-11T12:20:41-04:00

It Is Not Too Hard and It Is Never Too Late

by Phillip Cox It is unusual for someone in their ninth decade of life to set out discovering new adventures, new careers or hobbies. It is more normal for people in my age group to sit back and enjoy other people's creative efforts.   I am not sure if I found [...]

It Is Not Too Hard and It Is Never Too Late2020-06-11T11:55:54-04:00

Celebration Lifelong Artists Share Their Art in Isolation

We have several art classes running at Celebration Lifelong each Fall and Spring Term. Now in its 7th year there are several artists who have been actively taking classes and enjoying the additional 2-hour Creative Open Studio that makes time for and allows folks to work on whatever project and medium [...]

Celebration Lifelong Artists Share Their Art in Isolation2020-06-11T15:07:22-04:00

A Great Community Deserves Great Music

The goal of the Celebration Foundation Concert Series is to bring world-class classical and traditional music to Celebration. Over the past 19 years, we have partnered with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra to present beautiful classical pieces from Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, up to world premieres [...]

A Great Community Deserves Great Music2020-06-09T16:46:45-04:00

Celebration Foundation Update from the Executive Director

By: Kathleen Sipio, Executive Director of the Celebration Foundation “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”- Fred Rogers   The town of Celebration looks different today in so many ways. We have to be apart from one another, yet, we have managed to work together to [...]

Celebration Foundation Update from the Executive Director2020-04-29T16:37:06-04:00

Behind the Scenes with Celebration Lifelong

Celebration Lifelong, a community partnership program with the Celebration Foundation and the Celebration Residential Owners Association (CROA), offers courses, lectures, and clubs. Our community is so fortunate to have people willing to share their passions, experiences and knowledge with others. Those who have taken courses or attended lectures know how rich [...]

Behind the Scenes with Celebration Lifelong2020-04-29T16:34:14-04:00
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