On Monday, April 29, a fire ravaged an apartment building at Blossom Park Villas, which is located on the other side of 192 from Celebration. In the interest of being good neighbors and building better community, Celebration Foundation’s executive board agreed to donate to the Red Cross designated to Kissimmee Relief. Celebration Foundation has a community building fund which is specifically meant to help these types of situations.

According to the representative that we spoke to at Red Cross, 55 people, 10 of which are children, were affected. Twenty units were impacted.

Fires are an everyday disaster which the Red Cross is equipped to handle. Red Cross makes sure that the victim gets assistance right away, with the first priorities being food, water, and comfort. Red Cross provides individuals with a client assistance card that allows them to choose where to stay (about a week of hotel stay) and meals. Typically, the individual finds a longer-term housing option during the week. Red Cross also provides a comfort kit containing hygiene products. Through partnerships, the Red Cross connects victims to food banks, household items, clothing, and furniture. Most victims are settled and don’t need additional assistance within 30 days after the tragedy.