By: Kathleen Sipio, Executive Director of the Celebration Foundation

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”- Fred Rogers


The town of Celebration looks different today in so many ways. We have to be apart from one another, yet, we have managed to work together to stay connected through acts of kindness and acts of service. So many individuals, groups, families and friends have continued to give; they give of their time, resources and energy to make our community a better place.

Creative ideas on how to stay connected and help others have come to fruition by our neighbors. Here are some amazing examples that have made a difference:

  • Children sending original works of art to our senior living community, Windsor.
  • All residents sending videos or emails to Windsor residents.
  • Residents showing their support for our healthcare workers by placing a red heart on their door.
  • A group named Mask Makers of Celebration for the Worried Well that sew masks which have been donated to AdventHealth Celebration.
  • Car parades of Celebration residents driving by a house that has someone celebrating a birthday inside.
  • Sidewalk chalk art all around town.
  • Going on a bear hunt. Residents placing pictures of a bear or an actual stuffed animal in their windows so anyone walking can go on a scavenger bear hunt.
  • Food donations to local food pantries and organizations.
  • Food distribution locations by Osceola School District for parents of students to pick up breakfast/lunch meals.

That is community. Our community.

At the Foundation, we are working remotely to keep connected to our Thriving In Place members through personal phone calls, emails, texts and weekly “doormat delivery” lunches that are sponsored by supporters.

We are working remotely on our Learning without Hunger program that supplies weekend food packs to students in need in Osceola County. AdventHealth of Celebration, Osceola County Commissioners Community Service Grant, Osceola County School District and our supporters have funded this program.

Currently, the food is being distributed at the Boys & Girls Club and Community Hope Center.


Our Celebration Lifelong program continues to stay connected to our members through weekly emails, as does our Concert Series. Music matters every day and especially at this time. So, check your email; as a Concert Series supporter, we are sending concerts electronically for you to enjoy in your home. We are also sharing those concerts with our residents at Windsor, as well.

If you seek, you will find. Look around for the good stuff on social media. The helpers. Look around our town for signs along the way. The Foundation recently placed signs for all the healthcare workers at AdventHealth Celebration to see as they come and go to and from their shifts. More signs have been placed by our fire station to show our gratitude for being on the frontlines.

Let’s not forget our incredible teachers and administrators that made online learning available in record time to continue educating our children. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4th through May 8th. Show your gratitude to a teacher and share with the Foundation to post on Facebook.

Share any random acts of kindness that are happening in our community as we continue to stay connected, as we continue to care, and as we continue to build a better community together. We are better together.

How can you help?

  • Self-care: take care of yourself and your family so we can make a difference together again.
  • Stay connected: call, text, email staff and “LIKE” our Facebook page so you can see the good stuff. Visit
  • Send an email, scan a work of art or make a video to send to Windsor or AdventHealth. Town Hall is asking for you to record a short greeting, offer some encouragement or just say hello by using your mobile device. We will compile all the greetings and make one big video.
  1. Record a greeting on your phone or mobile device.
  2. Using your Google Drive, iCloud, One Drive or similar cloud sharing account, send the link of your video to Or, you can utilize a free service, such as Transfer Now ( to send your video.
  • Appreciate a teacher every day or Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Sponsor a remote lunch for our Thriving In Place members.
  • Send ideas that you have seen in other communities on how to stay connected and make a difference during this time.
  • Send an inspirational message.
  • Donate @


Stay well. Stay connected. Stay strong. #CelebrationStrong #CelebrationFoundation Reach the Foundation at 407-566-1234 or