When you see a glass that’s filled halfway, you may choose to see it as half empty or half full.  At Celebration Lifelong we see it as half full…and more!  Although our Fall 2020 Term kicked off in September, over two-thirds of the courses are still open for registration – with Session 2 beginning on October 6 and Session 3 on November 3!  And that’s just part of the good news; the rest is that the variety of courses for the remaining two sessions are just as exciting.

Celebration Lifelong is temporarily operating virtually.  While we all look forward – eagerly! – to returning to face-to-face activities, we are pleased that the Zoom-based courses and lectures have operated successfully.  We have had some newcomers to Zoom, both instructors and students, who have learned to embrace this new technology!   Members this fall include a spectrum of people – those who are learning about our Celebration spirit before moving here, as well as long-standing residents who continue to enjoy these courses…even while traveling.

It’s not too late to register for courses in October – but hurry!  Session 2 begins on October 6. Among the ten courses offered this month, you’ll find courses on nature, local history, art history, wine tasting and travel. And we just received word that professional comedian Kevin White will be a guest speaker at our Joking Around course! White has performed at iconic comedy clubs like the Improv and at MegaCon as part of the comedy ensemble “The Geeks of Comedy”.  Be sure to look at the full Fall 2020 Catalog by visiting our website at www.CelebrationLifelong.org (click on the Catalog tab).

While you’re at it, peek at the ten courses offered in November and check out the weekly lectures!  There’s something to meet everyone’s interests.  Plus, it’s easy to participate, you don’t have to take any tests and it’s a nominal cost for term membership and each course.  Let your friends and family members know about Celebration Lifelong. Whether located here or afar, all adults may become members and enjoy the Celebration spirit!

Celebration Lifelong is a community partnership between the Celebration Foundation and the Celebration Residential Owners Association (CROA).  This program is an excellent example of what our community is all about.  So, is the glass half full?  It is easy to conclude that it is more than two-thirds full – with the courses and lectures remaining this fall, there’s something for us all to savor! To learn more about the benefits of membership in Celebration Lifelong, please visit www.CelebrationLifelong.org, email Lifelong@CelebrationFoundation.org or call 407-595-5905.