This month, if you stop by the Celebration Town Tavern and notice the “Drink of the Month” is the Tropical Depression, know there is a great story behind why it was sponsored by Eileen and Brian Crawford. The fact that it benefits the excellent work of the Celebration Foundation makes it even more inviting to stop and have one or two.

Last September 2018, the Crawford family was looking forward to hosting a wedding reception on the beach at Folly Island, SC, just outside Charleston. Their daughter, Corie, had gotten married in Scotland that August, and she and her new husband, along with his entire family from Northern Ireland, were traveling to America to celebrate with her friends and family. The planning had been in the works for a year, with loved ones flying in from all over the U.S. to attend the happy celebration. There was just one small problem – Hurricane Florence. The week of the planned beach reception, the hurricane was projected to hit the Charleston area beaches head on. The state went on lockdown, with airports closed, highways turned into one-way evacuation routes, and coastal activities, hotels and restaurants shuttered. While everyone was in midair over the Atlantic, Corie’s parents were faced with a state of emergency, not just in South Carolina, but also in their own minds.

We have to plan something, with all these people coming from the U.K., thought Corie’s mother, Eileen. She called Susan Bona at the Town Tavern with a plea for help. In just three days, Susan, the Tavern, and the Celebration community came through like it has done for so many others over the years. Eileen texted many of her friends, most of whom had never met Corie since she had been gone for the last nine years, and they all threw their support behind this “pop-up” reception. Friends helped decorate, Publix created beautiful flower arrangements and cakes, and the Tavern dedicated its patio on a Saturday evening. Corie and Andy got their wedding reception, and the U.K. relatives got to experience Celebration hospitality at its best.

So, in September, as you lift your glass at the Tavern, remember the Crawfords in your toast and give a special “thank you” to friends and community who come through when you need them most.