by Kevin and Barbara McKenna

As relative newcomers to Celebration (we just moved here in 2017), we were thrilled to discover and participate in the Celebration Lifelong program. Not only did this program provide an excellent choice of course subjects, it also provided us with a fabulous opportunity to meet our neighbors and connect with our new community.

This past spring was our first term taking courses through Celebration Lifelong and we chose two hands-on craft courses, as well as several lecture courses. Our two craft courses, “Crafting with Beads” and “Basket Making” were fantastic! We finished these courses with completed projects and a good understanding of the basic skills involved. The lecture courses were fun and informative – we chose “Towns & Places in Central Florida,” “National Parks: Our Lives & Theirs,” and a wine tasting course, which was a great excuse to drink wine in the middle of the day! There were so many interesting subjects to choose from!

Kevin and I are really looking forward to the fall 2019 term and cannot wait to get the new catalog of courses. We hope that more of our neighbors will join us! With such a broad variety of topics, it’s easy to find courses that will interest you. Learning, no matter what your age, should never stop and with Celebration Lifelong, we would say this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

For more information about Celebration Lifelong please visit our website at or send an email to if you wish to be added to our mailing list. Celebration Lifelong’s fall 2019 catalog will be available to view online in mid-August. Registration for the term will begin on Monday, August 26!