Coupons for Our Troops

Coupons for Our Troops

Several years ago, Celebration resident Vivian Lai Chin saw an article in a local newspaper about an idea of what to do with expired coupons.

Military families stationed overseas on U.S. bases have difficulty receiving manufacturer coupons. Military commissaries accept coupons up to six months past the expiration date. Months after we have recycled unused coupons, a family halfway around the world could be using them to save money on their groceries and other household expenses.

Vivian with the help of a few friends, CROA, Celebrators and Celebration Foundation put their heads together and decided clipping coupons was an easy way to provide encouragement and assistance to families of those supporting their loved ones in the Military. Coupon Clipping with Vivian is now a community wide effort.

The Coupon Clippers meet each month on the 4th Monday at 851 Celebration Ave in the Town Hall Center at 1:00 pm. All are invited to attend but encouraged to bring their own scissors. Although the group typically clips for 2 hours, you can stay as long or as short of time your schedule permits.

If you are not available to meet on Mondays, you can still contribute to the cause. Several residents save their coupons and deliver to the Thriving In Place office at 690 Celebration Ave. They are then delivered to the group on the 4th Monday of each month. Some residents chip in by cutting coupons at home and deliver already trimmed and ready to go coupons to Vivian on Coupon Clipping Monday.

Coupons are sorted into two bags, labeling them “food” and “non-food.” If you can presort the coupons before bringing to Vivian, this extra step would be greatly appreciated.

Keep in mind the time frame of shipping the coupons to their destinations overseas. Please don’t provide coupons that are on the verge of hitting the 6 months-past-expiration window.

Vivian bundles appropriate coupons into Priority Mail envelopes addressed to 7 pre-assigned families overseas. She then delivers the packages to Celebration Foundation who supports the cause by funding the cost of the mailings.

If you have any questions as to how you may assist, contact Thriving In Place, 407-572-9850.

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