This course examines the scientific methods used in investigating and solving crimes through proven forensics techniques. We will explore the same practices utilized by law enforcement to investigate major crime scenes. Demonstrations will provide insights into properly identifying, preserving, collecting and interpreting evidence. Not for the faint of heart, the course will present real case studies. Please note: This course contains graphic content.


Vincent J. Gerace

A recently retired, highly decorated, 36-year law enforcement veteran, Sheriff’s Lieutenant Vincent learned his trade from countless hours of life experience and specialized training from FBI, New York State (NYS), and world-renowned experts in the field of forensics. In the early 1990s, long before the début of the popular CSI TV shows, Vincent envisioned a county-wide forensic investigation team and paved the way for such a team by teaching NYS Crime Scene Tech classes. Vince was tapped as the manager of the Forensic Investigation Team and managed the most important crime scenes in the county.