Decluttering and organizing can add calm to your life. But, where to begin … or continue? The instructor will outline easy tasks that make the job of getting decluttered easier and quicker. This course will build on and review principles from our previous organizing courses, but participants do not need to have taken the previous courses in order to enjoy and learn from this one. We will discuss what can be tossed, donated, or passed along to provide you more space – giving you empty places to fill with new memories! By getting decluttered in your home and home office, you will find a great sense of calm enter your life. Join us … bring your questions. The difference will be life-changing.


Steph Garber

For many people the job of organizing is truly onerous, but Steph LOVES it. Starting in high school, Steph never visited friends without going into their kitchen and putting their spices in alpha order! After working casually in the business for decades, she started her own business, From Chaos to Order, in 2014. Her BA in Psychology from the University of Miami helps keep her non-judgmental and understanding – helping clients find organizing a joy rather than a chore.