This course introduces amazing and successful musicians in Europe from the ’70s: Demis Roussos (Greek), the European phenomenon; Mireille Mathieu (French), the second Edith Piaf; and Gheorge Zamfir (Romanian), the master of the pan flute/nai. Each of them came from different backgrounds and cultures and overcame amazing social and political obstacles while raising their art to the highest level. A true inspiration of perseverance, they all captured the attention and affection of European audiences for decades. We will share amazing music, videos and these artists’ life stories.


Olga Della-Pupa

Olga has been listening to European music for decades and has been fascinated by these three artists’ interpretation of music. She studied their biographies, including their struggles to overcome difficulties, and is familiar with their background, professional growth and decline. Olga graduated from the Nicolae Titulescu University with degrees in Accounting and Business Management and from the University of Bucharest with a degree in Philology and Languages.