The Highwaymen were a group of African-American artists who started painting Florida’s natural landscapes in the 1950s as a way to support themselves and their families. They would often sit on the side of highways and back roads and paint beaches and wetlands and then sell their works to local businesses. Some of these artists, like Harold Newton, were quite talented and some of their art now hangs in museums and the halls of Congress. This course will explore the artists and their work in depth and their legacy to the African-American community and Florida history. Their artwork depicts a Florida that is disappearing with overdevelopment. This is an opportunity to hear their story.


Lisa Utsey

Lisa is a Florida native who grew up on the west coast of Florida and is familiar with Florida history and culture. After “accidentally” purchasing a Highwaymen painting in 1997 at an antiques show, she became very interested in the Highwaymen and their work and over the years has done extensive research on the artists. She has also met several of the artists. Lisa graduated from the College of Medicine, University of Florida in Gainesville.