Meditation has a number of scientifically proven benefits. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, promotes emotional health and self-awareness, improves sleep, and lengthens one’s attention span. It may also reduce age-related memory loss, help fight addictions and promote a more loving attitude towards ourselves and others. In this course, we will discuss various books on the subject, discuss different forms of meditation and healing circles, and learn to use guided meditation to establish a regular practice.


Kimberly Kirschner

For the past ten years Kim has pursued an education aimed at understanding the requirements to foster mind-body wellness. This education includes an MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health, a Massage Therapy License and Certifications in Personal Training, Radical Remission Training, Whole-Food-Plant-Based Cooking Classes, and advanced workshops with Dr. Joe Dispenza on meditation. Kim is also a Florida-Licensed Clinical Nutritionist. In addition to practicing daily meditation, she is currently leading weekly Healing Circle Meditations and a twice-monthly meditation discussion group.