We think of a story as a form that takes some time to fully explain and develop all the characters and plot lines. But in today’s world we’re seeing that’s not always the case. How much time does it take to tell a story? 30 minutes? 1 minute? 5 seconds? The answer is “all of the above.” Drawing on Pete’s 50+ years of experience as a senior editor at WFTV, ABC, Universal and Disney, this class will illustrate that short can be beautiful, engaging, complete and powerful.


Pete Opotowsky

Pete graduated UCLA 1974 with a BA in Motion Pictures/Television. He started working in film and television nine years prior to graduating. He has been a photographer, director, and producer. Much of his career has been in post-production or editing working for WFTV, Universal Studios and Disney. He has edited hundreds of episodes of broadcast television as well as feature films and commercials. Pete also worked in visual effects and animation. For the past 16 years, he has been the owner of his own post-production/technology company.