The Amazon contains 50% of the world’s tropical rain forests and 20% of the world’s surface fresh water. It is home to an enormous variety of flora and fauna. The Amazon River was once – not long ago – an undisturbed and inaccessible region of the earth. Today – the Amazon is changing. We will explore those changes and learn about the forest ecosystem and the people living there. We will investigate global issues impacting the Amazon like deforestation, climate change, biodiversity, and economic development. We will also learn about opportunities to visit and/or support programs in the Amazon Rainforest.


Allen Stenstrup

A science teacher, Allen has 48 years of experience in the field of education. He has a B.S. from UW-Stevens Point in Education and a M.S. from Northern Illinois University in Environmental Education. He is the former Director of Education Programs for Project Learning Tree. He teaches a class for U.S. teachers in the Peruvian Amazon each summer. His book Forests: Diminishing Resources features a chapter on the Amazon Rainforest. Al recently retired and has started Our First Garden INC, a nonprofit that supports the building of gardens and natural play areas at schools in developing countries including the Amazon.