The book of Psalms in the Old Testament of the Bible is beloved by members of Christianity, Judaism and many other traditions. These Hebrew songs are poetic masterpieces and contain profound theology. They can also serve as conduits for the expression of many human emotions. We will look at several Psalms that especially help us to celebrate, to heal and to meditate. Psalms have the potential for even greater impact as we incorporate them into our thoughts of both heaven and the human condition.


Susan Bubbers

Susan is the founding Dean of the ATLAS Theological Center. Her background includes a BS in Computer Science, a Masters of Divinity, a Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation, and PhD from the London School of Theology. She was ordained an Anglican priest in 1995, served in parish and campus settings, and taught in undergraduate and graduate level programs. She is an author, conference speaker, and pastor of the local Celebration Anglican Fellowship. She teaches courses leading to a Certificate in Christian Studies.