The search for happiness has been a basic human goal since humanity evolved. But what makes for a happy life? This course explores this timeless question by going beyond speculations to offer a scientific slant. How does happiness vary by culture? Are people happier today than in the past, and how does happiness change with age? Is our happiness set point determined by our biology, and how much can we improve our day-to-day joy in life? Join me at the happiest place on earth, as I share the explosion of current psychological research devoted to having a fulfilling life.


Janet Belsky

Janet has a Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Chicago and has been teaching courses and writing textbooks in human development for the past 40 years. She is the author of Experiencing the Lifespan, now in its fifth edition, a market-leading undergraduate text in the field. She has also written textbooks in child development, aging and adult development, and a popular book in gerontology. In her search for a happy life, Janet recently moved to Celebration to enjoy this beautiful community and (of course!) be near her son.