Ever been inspired to write a book, but weren’t sure how to approach it? Or written a book but didn’t know how to publish it? In this course, four published authors will discuss their experiences in writing and publishing. David Fernandez (pen name D.H. Cermeño) will take you through his journey and what led him to publish two award-winning books. Gary Roen will discuss different aspects of the publishing realm from how important a cover is to why anyone should have business cards to pass out. As both an indie author and author for a small digital press, Barbara Kroon (pen name Barbara Barrett) will discuss the challenge of promoting one’s work both pre- and post-publication. Diane Finney will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of self-publication. Come and reap the experiences of these authors! Maybe you’ll be the next author of…


David Fernandez

A third generation Florida native, David (pen name D.H. Cermeño) is the award winning author of Coffee and Cedar: Finding Strength from Memories and Rising Sunsets. DH has traveled extensively throughout Asia, specifically Japan, where he got inspired to write his first novel, as well as Europe and Central America. He especially loves visiting his extended family in the northern part of Spain, which inspired his second book, Coffee and Cedar. He currently resides in Winter Park, FL.

Gary Roen

Gary has enjoyed over 40 years in the business of book publishing. He has been a book salesman, author, critic, agent, radio and TV personality, and earned a degree in writing.

Barbara Kroon

Barbara has a BA in American History from the University of Iowa and an MA in American History from Drake University. Barbara has been in human resource management with the State of Iowa, a Western Civilization instructor at Des Moines Area Community College, and a published author (pen name Barbara Barrett) with eleven contemporary romance novels, two romance novellas, and four cozy mysteries featuring Mah Jongg.

Diane Finney

Diane is a self-published author of To Know Sweet You Must Taste Sour, a Cancer Survivor’s Self Help Guide. She has experience in creating a book from concept to publication.