By Jacquie Hobgood

The “Drink of the Month” is quite the hit at our local Town Tavern! The monthly drinks were auctioned off at the Celebration Foundation Gala this past March and Susan Bona, of Town Tavern fame, raised the bar by donating $2 to the Celebration Foundation for every drink purchased. Community residents rallied around this fun idea and each month we continue to see a rise in the donations made in support of the Foundation’s many programs.

June’s Drink of the Month was purchased by Celebration K8’s wonderful Art Teacher, Cindy Bohn. Cindy said she has had so much fun with the Drink of the Month! She could hardly wait to try the White Peach Sangria and she is already thinking ahead to what month she would like for next year.

July’s drink is the July Julip! It was purchased by B and Tom Alksninis and they hope everyone enjoyed this delightful summer celebratory drink at the Town Tavern…they certainly did!

It is wonderful when something that is so much fun brings so much goodness. The “great drink idea” was suggested by Lisa Buyer who was a Celebration Foundation Board member. Susan Bona took the fundraising opportunity to the next level with her generous support. Our Foundation friends jumped at the chance to purchase a month, and the community is enjoying the specialty refreshing drinks. We are looking forward to how we can grow this super concept.