The Foundation hosted Fleece Day on August 1 and volunteers helped to make baby, child and pet fleece blankets.

Valerie Lamm, Volunteer Director at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, stopped by. She said, “It provides such a needed comfort to the children and parents who are visiting the area but who interrupt vacation plans for an emergency room trip. They are touched that people in the community care, volunteer their time and make blankets to help cheer a child who has an illness or injury.”

Many Celebration residents have taken a turn at making fleece blankets including a group of Celebration campers who learned about service dogs from Celebration resident Kim Kirchner. Kim volunteers at Nemours Hospital with her service dogs and is raising Winter, a black Labrador who will be someone’s companion as a service dog. The kids loved seeing the dogs, learning more about volunteering with pets and then making blankets for animal rescue.