On Saturday, October 6, we enjoyed having over 50 volunteers, from all ages and all parts of Osceola County – including a Meet-up Group arranged by Steph Garber, join us for Fleece Day at our Thriving office located at 690 Celebration Avenue.

On Monday, October 8, Mary Pat Rosenthal, our Thriving Manager, said she was still cleaning up fleece dust from every surface in the building. Turns out…those pesky fleece fibers are like dandelion seeds in the wind.

But all that fleece dust resulted in over 115 blankets for babies and children at Florida Hospital Celebration Health!

“I wish I could drive to the home of each of your volunteers and give them a hug.” said Valerie Lamm, Director of Volunteer Services for Celebration Health, “We are grateful for the gift of the blankets. The children are so excited when they receive ‘their’ special blanket.”