By: Hanalyse Loboda

Since 1996, Celebration Foundation has strived to deliver on the operating principles in order to form a strong and caring community.  Some operating principles are:

  • Serve as a focal point for volunteer activities by enlisting support and resources from Celebration and surrounding community.
  • Encourage the spirit of community by inviting the people of Celebration to share their time, talent and ideas to help those in Celebration and in the surrounding area.
  • Stimulate the development of innovative community programs.

Today, Celebration Foundation’s mission is to build a better community through the arts, culture, and education.

Foundation programs:

  • Celebration Lifelong
  • Concert Series
  • Learning without Hunger
  • New Urbanism
  • Scholarships
  • Thriving In Place


Each program has staff support yet it is the community volunteers that also make each program positively impact the landscape of our community. Every day. It begins with the Foundation’s Board and Advisory Council. This group of committed, passionate community leaders provide input and insight by investing their time, talent and treasure by joining a program committee and rolling up their sleeves to get it done.


As Executive Director of the Celebration Foundation, I would like you to meet our Foundation Board and Advisory Council. Each member makes a difference. Every day. It could not, would not, happen without each and every individual working together. We are better together!

Board Members:

Mike Jackson

David Berelsman

Jana Renner

Dr. Hazel Johnson

Bob Boyer

Kathleen Carlson

Val Collins

Dr. Genell Ferrell

Gary Feit

Paul Kinser

Jim Malatino

Mary Orr

Holly Terry

Erika Vera

Advisory Council:

Dave Arena

Dr. Stephen Brenan

Bill Carrier

Jennifer DiDomenico

Debbie Fahmie

Victoria Hardison-Sterry

Kim Kirschner

Angie Layfield

Rick Nelson

Susan Petrek

Thomas Phelps

Amita Shah

Cassandra Starks

Dawn Thomas

Brad Wagoner

Want to learn more about the Celebration Foundation?


  • Call the Foundation office at 407-566-1234
  • Visit our website
  • “Like” Celebration Foundation on Facebook
  • Follow on Instagram @celebrationfoundation
  • Email Executive Director at
  • Chat with a Board member or Advisory Council member