By Breanne O’Leary

Something new to Celebration K-8 this year is the addition of a before-school science club! Serious About Science (SAS) was created by Celebration K-8 teacher, Holly Terry, in partnership with Celebration Foundation’s Women’s Initiative Nurturing Girls’ Strength (WINGS) program. The club is for 3rd and 4th graders and is designed to get students interested in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).

Over 60 students applied, but unfortunately, only 24 students can fit in the classroom. The first activity that students did was create their own five-page pop-up book. Students used their imagination and creativity to write a story about whatever they wanted. Students’ finished books will be on display in Celebration K-8’s library. Stay tuned to read more about the fun (and sometimes messy!) science activities that students have created!

Celebration Foundation’s WINGS program was created to explore ways in which girls and women can reach their highest potential. Goal setting, leadership qualities, and positive self-image are some of the topics explored through Power Lunches, done in partnership with Celebration K-8 School, and regional events.