by Meryl Rachlin


Teaching art at Celebration Lifelong became my new life in 2014.  It is a great program where I am surrounded by incredibly kind, smart, fun and interesting human beings. I’ve learned so much from them along the way. I’m so grateful to have become an important part of this program.


As we’ve had to hunker down in our homes for this period of social distancing, my art has again become my reason to wake, my reason for inspiration, and my activity to feel as though I have accomplished something each day.  I have been asking friends for photos of their animals and making them watercolor pencil portraits.  I’m now thanking the people working extra hard at my Mom’s assisted living facility by drawing their animals.


My Celebration Lifelong drawing group of artists, who are my good friends now, are sharing their work with each other, helping to critique each other’s work and move our quality with each creation.  We’ve now decided to work on similar challenges with whatever medium…we are started with painting clouds. I’m extremely grateful for my creative ability, now more than ever before, and even more grateful for my creative partners, sharing each other’s work and watching it grow.