By Mark Hayes

What opportunities we have in town for enrichment and personal growth! Through Celebration Foundation’s Celebration Lifelong program, the possibilities are vast and diverse. As an instructor now for two separate courses over these past few years, I have been pleased to bring my passion for American history to life through Celebration Lifelong. As a young boy, I became fascinated with American history and would seek out any opportunity to learn more about it, especially the history of the White House, the American presidency, Washington D.C. and so much more. And in those days, decades before the Internet, that meant innumerable trips to the library. I became an avid reader of biographies and histories, and I loved watching documentaries about people and places around Washington, D.C.

This term, I was honored to teach a course entitled, “The American Presidency: Its Occupants, The Office, Its History.” Forty-four men have served in that office, and along with their personal and professional stories, comes so much history of our nation. Their formal education (or lack thereof), their family upbringing, their prior public service (or not), and the cultural and political context of our nation – all of these aspects surrounding these men and their character would have a hand in shaping the course of our young and developing nation. For a history nerd, these sorts of stories and backgrounds are captivating.

In courses such as this one, as well as so many others, we have the opportunity to stimulate our brains while hopefully learning a thing or two along the way. I look forward to many more years of Celebration Lifelong as a student, and maybe again as an instructor…who knows?

Celebration Lifelong is a lifelong learning membership program open to ALL adults in Celebration and beyond.  All courses, lectures and clubs conveniently take place at Celebration Town Hall.  For further details on how to become a member, visit our website at, call the Celebration Lifelong office at 407-595-5905 or email us at