by Bob Pearson

I sold my first drawings at an Art & Wine Stroll before the Pandemic. That makes me a professional. (Never mind that friends bought them. A sale is a sale.) Like most individual accomplishments, this too was not entirely of my own making. Sure, I drew the scenes from the iconic and kitschy stores on US 192, which I hoped others would see as ironic and unnatural beauty. But the very idea of offering them at the Art & Wine Stroll was Traci’s (a fellow Celebration Lifelong artist), and I wouldn’t have been so bold, nor as motivated to complete a handful of them, without Phil, Lori, and Joan agreeing to offer their work as well, all under the watchful eye and encouragement of Meryl. That’s the way it is in art. It takes a village, to borrow a phrase. And it’s Celebration Lifelong that offers that village and the art classes where we can come together – when not holed up in our homes – to learn and support each other. Plus, this helps to continue to keep ourselves occupied, relaxed, and feeling a sense of accomplishment during our absence from each other.