By Gloria Niec

Okay, I confess….my husband makes me crazy. It never fails that when we go to the AdventHealth gym, he wants to park in a certain area…if not the same parking spot. Up the ramp and close to the elevator bank on the second level. He starts to grumble when there are no spots available and he has to go up the ramp searching. I am always curious about this because…aren’t we going to the gym…isn’t it okay to walk. But logic does not prevail.

He was over the moon happy when I told him the hospital was building a new garage that would open in 2020 …”7 levels of pure parking pleasure”. Yes, parking makes the man happy.

I learn about what is happening at the hospital as a member of the AdventHealth Celebration’s Patient Family Advisory Council. Led by Deb Laughon, Director of Professional Development and Clinical Excellence we meet monthly to learn about the hospital, offer suggestions and serve as advocates in the community.

They are rapidly expanding the network…besides parking…with a new patient tower…yes, I know you have seen the cranes; Radiation Oncology will be opening later in 2019; they just received approval for Open Heart Surgery, and they are creating a Pediatric Emergency Department.

Our hospital staff are proactive and care about patient experience. They recently received Magnet Certification which is the “highest and most prestigious distinction a healthcare organization can receive for nursing excellence and high-quality patient care. With only 8% of U.S. hospitals earning the Magnet designation, it’s clearly the gold standard.”

We have information available in the Celebration Foundation office if you are curious or you can always reach out to staff at AdventHealth for more information.