Every once in a while, you feel the essence of what it means to be a community built by Disney. Hosting Michael McCann on March 29 and 30, 2019 was one of those occasions. We celebrated 25 years since Celebration was officially incorporated on March 29, 1994 with an unveiling of a drawing created by McCann for the 25th anniversary.

Michael McCann’s artwork is located throughout Celebration as he was commissioned by the original Celebration planners and designers to create images and architect renderings even before the first home in Celebration was built. We were honored he came back to create an image based on his perception of Celebration 25 years later.

“The original little girl on a bicycle sketch was part of a series of small concept drawings. I was inspired by a video at the Lake Buena Vista Disney offices. Walt Disney himself talked about a property that they purchased next to Disney World; to me, this new community was the “American Dream”. That small sketch became the logo for Celebration. Twenty-five years later, I was commissioned to create an anniversary drawing. I didn’t have to go far for inspiration, the subject matter was right in front of me; my daughter, Cayli; my son, Joseph and our dog, Spike.

Thanks to Walt Disney, the American Dream has no physical boundaries. It was such an immense pleasure visiting Celebration to present the 25th Anniversary painting. To have worked alongside some of the best architects in the world, to have worked on such an historic project, and now to see the concept realized has been such an incredible experience. What a wonderful community for “The Next Generation”. And to everyone in Celebration, I would just like to say Thank you.”

Limited, signed and numbered prints are available at the Celebration Foundation office. The print quality is the best possible and they are a wonderful remembrance of Celebration’s 25th anniversary! To find out more, please stop by the office or call 407-566-1234.