Getting Students Serious About Science


By Breanne O'Leary Something new to Celebration K-8 this year is the addition of a before-school science club! Serious About Science (SAS) was created by Celebration K-8 teacher, Holly Terry, in partnership with Celebration Foundation’s Women’s Initiative Nurturing Girls’ Strength (WINGS) program. The club is for 3rd and 4th graders and [...]

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Leaving a Lifelong Legacy


By Terry Wick Mary Ann Kinser and Laura Simpson started working on Celebration Lifelong over seven-and-a-half years ago.   Both were original Celebration residents.  Both had been teachers at one time, and both had a Disney connection – Laura for 20+ years and Mary Ann as a judge for Disney Teacher Awards. [...]

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Please Join Us for the Memorial Garden Remembrance Ceremony


Each year, the Celebration Foundation welcomes everyone to gather for a Remembrance Ceremony in our Memorial Garden. This is a time for us to come together as a community and remember people who we have loved and lost. We will host the ceremony on Saturday, November 23. It will be held [...]

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Community Rallies to Provide Weekend Food and Snacks for Osceola County Students in Need


By Dana Schafer, Public Information Officer- Osceola School District While the Osceola School District ensures that children are well-fed during the week at school, weekends can prove particularly daunting for many Osceola County families when it comes to the lack of food for meals.   Luckily, community businesses and organizations such as [...]

Community Rallies to Provide Weekend Food and Snacks for Osceola County Students in Need2019-09-26T13:36:57-04:00

Jill Couch Joins Celebration Foundation Team


The Celebration Foundation is pleased to welcome Jill Couch as our new Office Administrator. Jill joined our team in August just as our busy season got under away. She and her husband Robert Couch have three children that attend Celebration K-8. Jill and Robert are not strangers to Celebration. They lived [...]

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Monet’s Lifelong Impression


by Arlene Sánchez-Busse Why am I so passionate about the French Impressionist artist Claude Monet?  The answer is very simple:  Monet's art was a grand and revolutionary project which challenged the traditional imitation of nature.  Using novel compositions and forms and squiggles, dabs and swirls of vivid colors, Monet went beyond [...]

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New Urbanism…Bringing It All Together: John Classe, Lifelong Learning, Celebration Tours, and Don Killoren


Celebration Timeline Check out the New Urbanism page on celebrationfoundation.org and take a “scroll” through the Celebration Timeline. While our community is not that old, our history is fascinating.  The timeline is a brief history of Celebration…going all the way back to Disney’s early start in Florida. The timeline includes information [...]

New Urbanism…Bringing It All Together: John Classe, Lifelong Learning, Celebration Tours, and Don Killoren2019-09-26T13:30:14-04:00

How 3D Mammograms Bring a New Dimension to Cancer Detection


Traditionally, 2D or digital mammograms have been the best way for women to spot breast cancer early, when it’s most treatable. But they have limitations. A potential trouble spot could appear as just that — a spot. The odds are that it’s not a tumor, but it could be. “On a [...]

How 3D Mammograms Bring a New Dimension to Cancer Detection2019-09-26T13:37:32-04:00

Jazz Age Comes Alive in Celebration


By Paul Collins America has led the world in the development of creative and new forms of music. The root of American music mainly comes from Appalachian string music found largely in rural America, and Jazz which started in New Orleans and spread rapidly to Chicago and New York. Before Jazz, [...]

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Our Fury Friends Thank You


By Rachel McIntee Thanks to an article in the Osceola News Gazette and a simple request from our Thriving In Place office, members and volunteers provided the Celebration Foundation’s Thriving In Place program an opportunity to donate seven bags of towels to SNiP-it. SNiP-it is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission [...]

Our Fury Friends Thank You2019-09-26T13:21:16-04:00
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