Marathon weekend 2019 began by some our Thriving In Place members and volunteers dedicating time to help with the sale of vintage swag and distributing 2019 marathon bags to participants.  Volunteers helped Friday and Saturday before the big day.

Then Sunday arrived.  It was one intense rainy, soggy and wet “Florida Winter” day in January.  The Celebration Foundation staff, board members, Thriving In Place members and volunteers showed our support for the 2019 Celebration Marathon runners and walkers.  We happily and energetically cheered on our rowdy corner of Oak Shadows and Blue Sage Streets where we kept things lively, encouraging, and loud.  We saw many runners and walkers from all over who were so happy to see smiling faces cheering them on.  We were all wrapped up with raincoats, umbrellas and gloves to show our support.  We had a lot of fun, ringing cowbells and shaking noisemakers!  “Good job! Keep it up!  Lookin’ good!” we’d say as they passed.

We loved showing our support and gratitude to all the marathon participants, volunteers and organizers.  We have been so grateful for donations from Celebration Marathon in years past, we were thrilled we could participate and show our support and appreciation.  These donations have been appreciated by all Thriving In Place members, volunteers, staff and board members of the Celebration Foundation.

As always, I would like to thank all of the Thriving In Place members and volunteers for being so loyal to our community organizations and I thank our Community organizations for their support.