By Diane Finney

I have been a member of Celebration Lifelong for several years now. What an amazing experience it has been! I’ve enjoyed taking art classes – drawing, watercolor, printmaking and have dabbled in a broad spectrum of classes as diverse as learning about the life of the artist Monet, Geocaching, Broadway musicals, How to play Bridge, Meditation, Places to visit in Florida, How to Write a 10 Minute Play and learning more about the design and structure of Celebration itself.  By taking a terrific playwriting course I was able to see my 10 Minute Play performed in Three Oaks, Michigan. Imagine where these classes might take you!

Not only have I learned lot by participating in Celebration Lifelong, I’ve also enriched my life with making new friends amongst my fellow classmates. If you have a hobby or special interest you’d like to share with others, I strongly encourage everyone to consider offering to teach or give a lecture. I’ve taught Mystery Writing and have enjoyed giving lectures on Gardening in Central Florida. So there’s no time like the present to participate in Celebration Lifelong Learning.

Celebration Lifelong is a lifelong learning program open to all adults in Celebration.  Registration for the Fall 2019 Term will begin on August 26.  Until then, visit our website at or call (407) 595-5905 to learn more about this program and the benefits of membership.