What is Thriving In Place? Thriving in Place is a community-based membership program under the umbrella of the Celebration Foundation. Our members are Celebration residents who are at least 55 years of age, or a person with a disability of any age, who want to stay in their own homes and lead a healthy, safe, independent and productive life.

Why do Thriving In Place members need transportation? Many of our members no longer drive, so our members need transportation to get where they need to go! We often don’t realize the variety of places we travel to daily when we drive. Some of the most common destinations for our members include the doctor’s office, grocery store, pharmacy, post office, and Thriving in Place.

Why we need volunteers: To provide safe, reliable, affordable transportation to our Thriving In Place members. Transportation enables seniors to stop driving, promotes socialization, and allows members to remain in our community.

What volunteer drivers do? All transportation requests are handled through the Thriving in Place program. Volunteer drivers transport our members to their requested destination. All destinations are local, within Celebration.

How can I become a volunteer driver? If you are interested in truly making a difference in the lives of your neighbors and supporting your community, here is your opportunity! You will certainly meet some new neighbors along the way!

To become a volunteer driver, please contact Becky Varley at (407) 572-9850, or Volunteers@celebrationfoundation.org.