One of the Celebration Foundation’s programs, Thriving in Place is dedicated to the residents of Celebration who are 55+ or disabled of any age, living in their own homes. The Foundation strives to provide our members with safe, independent, and enriching lives. Members of the Thriving in Place Community are able to virtually interact with others and participate in online activities. With the current status of our world, community connection is more important than ever. That is why the Thriving in Place manager, Jill Couch, and the Volunteer Coordinator, Becky Varley have altered the presentation of normal events with safety as the top priority.

Thriving members participate in weekly Bingo games where the winning numbers are revealed on the Celebration Foundation Facebook page and via daily email. However, they aren’t just playing for the fun of it. Supporters and volunteers of Thriving have donated gift baskets to the Foundation to be distributed to the lucky Bingo winners.

The Foundation also offers chair yoga instructed by Donna Mogilski, who facilitates the classes over Zoom. These classes take place to increase flexibility, muscle strengthening, and practice meditative techniques. This allows the members to keep active in the safety and comfort of their home. The virtual Zoom yoga is included in your Thriving membership. Contact Thriving for information on how to join virtually.

The Celebration Foundation has much gratitude and appreciation to the sponsors, members and volunteers whose generous donations enable the continuation of Tuesday Treats and Friday Lunches. Thanks to all the donors, the Foundation and its members are grateful that this is still occurring! Thriving members are given a treat every Tuesday and a boxed lunch each Friday. Volunteers then make the special delivery to drop off these items to each participating Thriving members home.

Thriving members hold a special place in the Community’s hearts and although the Foundation wishes it was under better circumstances, they are working hard to make sure each member continues to feel supported and engaged. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more on how you can be involved, visit our website, and be sure to follow us on our Facebook Page, and Instagram for updates and opportunities! If you would like to sponsor a Thriving Doormat Delivery, please contact us at 407-566-1234.