Things look a little different these days for our Thriving In Place program at the Celebration Foundation. The mission of Thriving In Place is to empower those who are aging or managing a disability to live in their own homes leading healthy, safe, independent, and productive lives. We are really taking our name literally now and trying to keep our members “in place,” but thriving under the circumstances.

If you have been on our Facebook page lately, you may have seen some beautiful artwork posted for the viewing pleasure of our members.  We have had some local Celebration students and even some folks as far away as Pennsylvania offer well wishes and creative artwork to encourage our members.

You never know who is going to be on the other end of the line! Becky and Jill and some fabulous volunteers are reaching out to touch base with our members. We enjoy all of the amazing facts we’ve found out about our Thrivers! They are marathon runners, artists, authors, mask makers, military officers, and jokesters, just to name a few. While these conditions are not ideal, getting to have these one on one conversations has been a real gift to us. We have learned so much about our members, and vice versa.

Through gracious and generous donations from friends of Thriving In Place, we have been able to deliver Friday lunches to our members.  While we miss seeing each other in person as we used to do for Friday lunches, we have found our members look forward to our weekly lunch delivery. We are grateful to the volunteers that help us make this happen.

We can’t wait to be on the other side of this and get back to having lunches and meet ups in person again soon, but until then, stay safe and reach out to us if you have needs, questions, want to tell us your amazing stories and achievements, or just say hi. We miss you!

Doormat Delivery to the home of Thriving In Place members.