By B. Alksninis

Barbara Watson made a New Year’s resolution to learn something new, so she signed up for Celebration Lifelong’s Beginning Acting course last spring. Her son responded by saying, “Mom, you never cease to surprise me!” Those who know her would agree. Barbara is a retired Osceola County kindergarten and 1st grade teacher who has admitted to being shy. Yet she’s sticking to her resolution and looking for opportunities to challenge herself— even if they’re out of her comfort zone. “Lifelong courses are only three weeks, so I figured I could give it a try,” said Barbara. Through Beginning Acting, she experienced emotional highs and lows with her fellow classmates— laughing and getting to know people on a deeper level. Her classmates thought it was funny when Barbara had to use a curse word— something completely foreign to her!

Barbara has been a member of Celebration Lifelong since fall 2017. A Kissimmee resident, she was seeking adult learning in the local area and discovered our Celebration program. Since then, she has also become a valued volunteer helping at the Welcome Desk. While broadening her horizons was the hook to get her involved in Celebration Lifelong, Barbara is also grateful for the special friendships that have developed with fellow students and instructors. “Celebration Lifelong is exciting!” she exclaimed, “There’s no judgement— you don’t have to prove yourself through testing. I’m looking forward to the new Fall 2019 Catalog!”

Perhaps emboldened by her Lifelong experiences, Barbara will be travelling to Nasushiobara, Japan this summer on a mission trip to the Asian Rural Institute. We wish her safe travels and look forward to stories from her trip!

For more information about Celebration Lifelong, please visit our website at or send an email to if you wish to be added to our mailing list. Celebration Lifelong’s Fall 2019 Catalog will be available to view online in mid-August. Registration for the term will begin on Monday, August 26!