By Linda Ajello

On Monday, April 8th, players listened closely as Bill Boyle called out the numbers at Thriving In Place’s monthly bingo game. As winners called out “bingo,” they happily picked out a prize from the prize table. There is something for everyone, as the prizes ranged from summer tote bags, cookies, and even household goods.

The games were more friendly than competitive, as players joked around between rounds. This monthly game is a fun way to beat the midday sun as friends root each other on and wait for their chance to call out “bingo.”

Please join us next month for an afternoon of bingo, fun, and friendship!

Bingo is hosted in the Thriving In Place office, located at 690 Celebration Avenue, on the second Monday of each month at 1 p.m.

For questions regarding Thriving In Place, please call Rachel McIntee at 407-572-9850, e-mail, or visit the office at 690 Celebration Avenue.