By Pablo Rosas

My family and I moved out here to Celebration about 3-4 years ago. We’re a family that typically moves around a lot due to my dad’s work. But this time we were looking for a more permanent situation. My mom is the one that was introduced to the Foundation first, volunteering at the lunch events for the residents of the community. Slowly over time she started to bring my brother and I to these events, where we worked alongside the other volunteers. It was an interesting experience the first time, I didn’t know anyone and mostly kept to myself. But my mom kept introducing me to new people, and I started chatting to them and the connections grew. I was starting to look forward to these events. Over time my experiences as a volunteer started to encompass several tasks that I found interesting new experiences. I served as a cocktail waiter at one event, I handed out water at a few marathons, and I made a few friends over that time. Being a part of a community is a relatively new experience to me, but that sense of belonging is an addicting one. I enjoy helping others, and making this community a great one to live in. I enjoy the people I have met here, from the volunteers themselves to the people I’ve aided in some fashion or another. Volunteering through the Foundation to me is what this community is all about. Good people lending each other a hand because it’s the kind thing to do.