by Traci Vinson

Back in 2012, we move to Orlando to be near Disney World. Being a new empty nester and not knowing anyone, I found the Lifelong Learning classes at Celebration. I was able to experiment with all the creativity I had been wielding at my poor children for their years on this earth.


Enter Meryl Rachlin and her ability to unleash the artist hidden inside others. She taught drawing techniques and allowed us to “experiment” and be free. That gave me the confidence to try other art forms: oils, acrylics, pottery, pen and ink, and watercolors.


Since last June, I’ve found the freedom and wonder of painting in the watercolor medium. The colors and their movement take you on a journey with each painting. While under quarantine I have discovered new techniques, new colors, new places, and new subjects. I can sit for hours in solitude with just the water, paint and paper, and paint happiness. The paint is gracious enough to let me know when we are done, and I get to move on to the next place, face or flower.  I am no longer afraid to be alone with myself.  As long as I have my paints, I can go anywhere with anyone.