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Membership Benefits of Celebration Lifelong

  • COURSES:  An extensive selection of 40+ courses offered each term with no tests or homework required.
  • LECTURE SERIES:  Every Tuesday, 3:15 – 4:30 pm during the term (see previous Catalog).
  • CLUBS:  Participation in a variety of clubs – such as Book & Film!, Brain Train, Origami & Paper Crafts, and Wellness Coaching clubs (see previous Catalog).
  • GUEST PASSES: Two Guest Passes per term are included. Based on availability, a Member may visit a 75-minute class for which they are not registered. A guest may visit a 75-minute class, lecture, club meeting, or event, based on availability. The Member must check with the Celebration Lifelong office one week prior to determine if space is available.  Additional Guest Passes may be purchased for a non-refundable fee of $10 per pass. A Guest Pass may NOT be used for a class with a materials fee or a waitlist. A Guest Pass may NOT be used to attend more than one class of any three-part course. Guest Passes do not expire and may be used any term or calendar year.
  • Free Wi-Fi access

Special Membership Privilege

The Fitness Centre & Day Spa at Celebration Health is offering members of Celebration Lifelong a corporate discount. Current members of the Fitness Centre can get monthly fees adjusted. Please take your Lifelong registration receipt to the Fitness Centre for this great discount.

Term Membership Fee

Anyone can be a member of Celebration Lifelong. The Membership Fee is $40 PER TERM (non-transferable) and is due m  January and August, at the beginning of the terms. Members can participate in all clubs, attend lectures, and special events. Course purchase is not required. See Course Fees below.

Course Fees

Fee per course is $20 (non-transferable), however, an additional materials fee may apply, as noted in the catalog. Members are encouraged to sign up for as many courses as they like! There are many choices to fit your interests and/or lifestyle. Courses must be taken during the current term.

Refund Policy

Course refunds will only be made prior to the beginning of the term, when submitted in writing to the Celebration Lifelong Office. Materials fees are not refundable.  

In cases of extreme hardship, such as death in the immediate family or medical emergency, pro-rated refunds may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Membership and course fees are not transferable.

Schedule changes? Members may enroll in another available course within the term.

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